Kobach Tweets Support for Former Rival Marshall, Attacks Bollier for Supporting Gun Confiscation

Kobach-posteriz_20201013-224836_1 Kobach conceded the Kansas Republican Senate Primary to Roger Marshall in August, and is now trying to get his former rival elected.

In his primary concession speech, Kris Kobach noted that he had called Roger Marshall and "congratulated him on a hard-fought victory; conceded that he's won the fight; and pledged to him that I want to whatever I can to unify the party and to help him win the general election in November." 

But since then, Kobach has remained mostly out of site. Now he's weighing in. 

Tweeting on October 12, Kobach attacked Democratic candidate Barbara Bollier for supporting the Australian model of gun confiscation. He also urged Kansans to "Please get out to vote to ensure that [Roger Marchall] defeats her on Nov. 3." 

The tweet included a video of Bollier speaking at a campaign event about guns and referring to her daughter who lives in Australia. "They have no guns," Bollier said about Australians, "they don't have them, they just took them away."

Roger Marshall was quick to retweet Kobach, and Republicans have been quick to pounce on Bollier's statement as evidence she supports gun confiscation.  

Bollier has been tough opponent for Marshall due to her record setting fundraising. Democratic Senate candidates are hauling in massive donations nationwide, and Bollier's $13.6 million raised in the most recent quarter of the election cycle is a Kansas record. 

With Marshall being outspent, national Republicans are trying to help. Tweeting the same day as Kobach, Donald Trump Jr. announced that Marshall was his "#MAGA Candidate of the week," adding that Marshall would "fight for my father's America First agenda in the Senate."

Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet also attacked Bollier, calling her "a radical leftist, who openly endorsed forced gun confiscation."

FiveThirtyEight reports recent polls range from having Marshall up seven points, to Bollier up four points, yet the site projects Marshall has a 75% chance of winning the race. A lot of that could depend of the final weeks of campaigning and voter turnout.

If Republicans lose the seat, it could be difficult for the party to maintain a majority in the senate. Democrats are hoping to stall confirmation of President Trumps Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. If they succeed in winning a majority in the upcoming elections, Democrats could block a Trump court appointee, or confirm a Biden appointee depending on the outcome of the Presidential election.

So, all eyes are on Kansas, and Roger Marshall needs every vote possible to reach the U.S. Senate. Perhaps the influence of Kris Kobach can send a few hesitant gun owners his way. 

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October 20, 2020
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