Kansas Forum on Public Safety and Justice to Take Place October 31 at State Capitol


TOPEKA, Kansas – The Kansas Forum for Public Safety and Justice will take place on the south steps of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka on October 31, 2020 at noon. Issues of policing and public safety have been on the minds of voters in 2020, and this forum offers an opportunity to hear from several candidates.

The forum is the culmination of a public engagement process where every candidate for state legislature and the two candidates for Shawnee County District Attorney were invited to complete a survey on public safety and justice issues. This process resulted in forty candidates engaging with the survey, and eleven candidates who request to participate in the forum.

Since this event occurs on Halloween and just days before the election, attendees are encouraged to dress up in patriotic or Kansas themed costumes and to bring American and Kansas flags. The current weather forecast is sunny with a high of 64!

The invited speakers include:

  • Mathew Clark (L), Overland Park - House District 23
  • Jeff Coen (R), Topeka - House District 53
  • Greg Conchola (R), Kansas City - House District 32
  • Geoffrey Gawdun (R), Topeka - House District 58
  • Timothy Johnson (R), Bonner Springs - House District 38
  • Mike Kagay (R), Topeka - Shawnee County District Attorney
  • Mike Kerner (L), Lenexa - House District 17
  • Jordan Mackey (R), Bonner Springs - House District 33
  • Michael Martin (R), Topeka - House District 57
  • James Todd (R), Overland Park - Senate District 8
  • Janlyn Nesbett Tucker (R), Topeka - House District 55

In addition to the candidates for legislature and district attorney, all candidates on the ballot for U.S. Senate and the 2nd Congressional District have been invited to speak at the forum. These invited candidates include Mr. Jason Buckley (L), Dr. Barbara Bollier (D), and Rep. Roger Marshall (R) for U.S. Senate; and Mayor Michelle De La Isla (D), Mr. Robert Garrard (L), and Treasurer Jake LaTurner (R) for U.S. Congress. If these candidates attend, they will be given approximately five minutes each to speak on issues of public safety and justice.

To ensure a fair process, individuals from across the political spectrum were invited to serve as official advisor. These include individuals who have held elected office or worked on political campaigns, as well as citizens who are passionate about public safety and justice issues. The forum will also have moderators from every political party recognized by the State of Kansas:

  • Democratic Moderator: Trae McPherson, Vice President of the Shawnee County Young Democrats
  • Republican Moderator: Bonquay Bryant, Vice Chairman of the Johnson County Young Republicans
  • Libertarian Moderator: Ned Kelley, Chairman of the Libertarian Part of Kansas 

You can follow event updates on Facebook or Free State Kansas.



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December 2, 2020
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